The Fender Benders RC Club held their first all members meeting of the season yesterday. Several topics were discussed. Club Coordinator Jerry Hudson said that to move forward as a “club”, we ALL need to get involved. This would include volunteering to help out on race days and other projects the club will be involved with. If unable to race for some reason but are able to come to our events, we can always use help marshaling or assisting those who are racing with minor repairs or tips. There also was a motion and seconded to increase the yearly dues. There was a favorable response from the members in attendance and an email will be sent to all members with details for their vote shortly. Race day recognition was also discussed and we may be implementing a sticker award as opposed to ribbons which are more costly. More on that to come. Jerry also told the group that the park has provided several things needed (dirt, wood, etc) to help us BUT we are a self sufficient club, now, and it is up to us to fund what is necessary to function. Our first official race event to start the fall season will be held this Friday Oct 15 at 1pm at the dirt track. Members participating are asked to be at race events at least a half hour early for sign-up and registering their vehicle if needed. Start times for the concrete track will be 9:30am on Tuesdays. Sign-up and registration will begin a half hour early. Dean said the website has been revamped and is more mobile friendly now and that members are highly encouraged to visit it frequently for news and information on club events.

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