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Attention! Attention! Board Meets To Address Important Issues

The RC Club board met Nov 16th to address some important issues and how we will proceed moving forward. Discussed were Covid, Race Crashes, and Night Practices, Thursday Competitive Racing, Officer Position Designations. Please review plans below:


It will be each person’s responsibility to wear or not to wear a mask while club sponsored activities are being held. This will be your decision as these are outside events and sometimes will entail somewhat less than 6 ft spacing (although we will work to minimize that as much as possible) We will NOT be mandating this situation. Only those involved with the race (current event competitors and race coordinators) will be allowed on the platform at any given time.

Race Time Crashes

Although we try to keep crashes to a minimum, they will happen.

For safety reasons the following will be adhered to:

The race will be stopped momentarily upon any crash or equipment loss (wheel falls off etc. ) that occurs whether on the track or when a car enters the infield. These measures will protect the track marshals.

Track marshals are asked to please watch your half of the track at all times so that you may attend to crashes in a timely manner. Please reset cars that enter the infield back to the side they came in on.

Racers are NOT to continue running their car after it has entered the infield. The marshal will get you back on the track asap.

Night Practice

We will restart night practices beginning Dec 1, 2020. Night practices will begin at 6pm, and will be held each tuesday night going forward. All are welcome. Races and/ or timed practices can be held at that time (not for points or ribbons). Transponders are not required for this event but are suggested. The purpose of this event is to make it fun for our spectators as well as participants. Match racing is encouraged. Races or practice will be limited to 3 cars on the track at any one time. This is a club event and we will need track marshals.

Thursday Racing

Thursday competitive racing for points and ribbons will continue as before. However beginning Dec 3, 2020 we will start signup at 9am (instead of 9:30) with a drivers meeting at 9:15am and Time trials starting at 9:30am sharp. You MUST have a transponder to compete in these races or you will not earn any points or ribbons.

Officer Corps Designations

The following will be the office corps titles effective immediately with their current office holder:

Track Coordinator: Ed Funk

Assistant Track Coordinator: Jerry Hudson

Treasurer: Steve Deboom

Secretary Shirley Kurtz

Race Coordinators: Nancy Hudson, Dean Walther

Than you for your cooperation.

Your Ranchero Village RC Club Board of Directors

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