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Plans Finalized For 2020-21 Racing Season

A club meeting was held Oct 8th to finalize the plan for the upcoming racing season and below is a summary of decisions that were made:

Qualifying will begin at 10am. There will be a sign up sheet for qualifying round. Sign ups need be done before if possible so we can start on time. So please try to get there a bit early.

There will be split seasons with the first running from Oct 29th to Dec 31. The second Jan 1 thru a date to be determined (probably some time in March)

There will be 2 classes of cars- 1/10 scale and 1/16-1/18 for competition.

4 wheel drive and 2 wheel drive vehicles will be combined for racing purposes

There will be 3 events each race day:

Qualifier – Each vehicle will run an individual 1 minute race (you can enter as many vehicles as you want). The placement in the next event (Heat) will be based on average lap time from the qualifier to keep the playing field level. Groups will be created for the heats using A, B, C, etc

Heat – This event will have up to 3 cars each race and can be a mixture of 2 or 4 wheel drive vehicles. It will run for 3 minutes and points will be awarded for this event. 1st place will receive 10 pts, 2nd place 8 pts, 3rd place 6 pts. Qualifying for feature from this event will be based on total laps. There will be as man heats necessary to allow all drivers to participate.

Feature – This event will also have up to 3 cars each race and will have 3 classes. Outlaw, Veteran, Novice. It will run for 5 minutes. Points will also be awarded. 1st Place – 15 pts, 2nd place – 10 pts, 3rd place – 5 pts. There will be as many races as necessary to accommodate all participating drivers. Ribbons will be given for 1st (Blue) and 2nd (Red) place finishers.

Total points for overall season standings will be broken down into vehicle types i.e. 2WD, 4WD, etc

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