All Dates/Times Are Subject To Change As Needed

We will be racing twice a week as normal during April. We will then go to once a week starting in May alternating between the concrete and dirt tracks until October. We have scheduled 2 evening race days in August. We will go back to our normal twice a week schedule beginning with the fall season in November. Sign-In always 1/2 hour before scheduled race time.

April 2022

April 5, 12, 19, 26-10:00am-Concrete Track

April 8, 15, 22, 29-10:00am-Dirt Track

May 2022

May 3, 17, 31-10:00am-Concrete Track

May 10, 24-10:00am-Dirt Track

June 2022

June 7, 21-10:00am-Dirt Track

June 14, 28-10:00am-Concrete Track

July 2022

July 5, 19-10:00am-Dirt Track

July 12, 26-10:00am-Concrete Track

August 2022

August 2, 30-10:00am-Dirt Track

August 16-7:30pm-Dirt Track (Note: EVENING RACE)

August 9-10:00am-Concrete Track

August 23-7:30pm-Concrete Track (Note: EVENING RACE)

September 2022

September 6, 20-10:00am-Concrete Track

September 13, 27-10:00am-Dirt Track

October 2022

October 4, 18-10:00am-Concrete Track

October 11, 25-10:00am-Dirt Track