Fall Season Mid Oct-End Dec. Winter Season Jan 1-Mid March

Vehicle Class and Rules Proposal (Only up to one 2 cell battery allowed per vehicle, Transponder needed)

Veteran Class (Brushed or Brush-less, Open or Closed Wheel, Can run any body)

1/10 Scale

Regular slash, rally etc (Separate 2wd and 4wd categories)

4Tec (2wd/4wd Combined)

Any 4Tec Type Vehicles

1/16 or smaller (2wd/4wd Combined)

1/16 Slash, 1/16 E Revo, 1/18 latrax prerunner, etc

Novice Class

Any Brushed or Brush-less vehicles and bodies allowed. Transponder not required.

Only for new to RC Car hobby (Less than 1yr experience). Member may opt to race with Veteran class.

Racing Rules For Concrete Track

Heats (Max 5 vehicles on track at a time)

Heat entry based on random pick. No points for heats. 2 timed heats: Yellow (2min), Green (3min) NO staggered starts. Green heat lineup based on Yellow heat finish.

Features (Max 5 vehicles on track at a time)

1) Entry to specific feature based on total combined laps from the 2 heats. (Tie breaker fastest lap)

2) A, B, and C features for each vehicle category. (Number of features dependent upon how many entries that day). Minimum of 2 drivers and maximum of 5 drivers per feature.

2b) Bump ups allowed. 1st and 2nd finishers in “C” move up to “B”, Top 2 “B” move up to “A”. (Driver has option to be bumped up or take points from last feature in).

3) Timed races, NO staggered start. (4 min features)

4) Driver can only earn points from last feature entered. (i.e. Bumped up to”B” from “C” can only get points from “B”, Bump up to “A” from “B”, can only get points from “A”).

5) Points awarded: “A” Feature (First 10, Second 9, Third 8, Fourth 7, Fifth 6)

“B” Feature (First 8, Second 7, Third, 6, Fourth 5, Fifth 4)

“C” Feature (First 6, Second 5, Third 4, Fourth 3, Fifth 2)

6) Keep running total of points for each season (Fall and Winter).

Other Concrete Track Rules

1. Cars will slow on flips, etc. (Announced by track announcer over PA) No stopping or accelerating to catch up or pass. Must remain in current position until track announcer gives ok to resume. Avoid marshals on the track.

Dirt Track

1. Vehicles classes and format same as concrete track.

2. Points same as concrete track.

3. Each racer given 1 flip or off the track per race (Any lap). Other drivers must stop until cleared.

4. Possible team competition if enough entries at some point in the future.

5. Layout of track may change on a monthly basis. To be determined.

Drag Racing – Open Class: All cars and setups eligible.