We held our annual labor Day weekend event today in a special format that was called “King of the Mountain Sudden Death Challenge”. 13 racers brought their favorite 4wd full size vehicle to try to proclaim they were the king. There were some really good close races and a lot of fun by all. Dean Walther was crowned King of the Mountain. 2nd Place went to John Guerra and 3rd Place to Hank Vanderzyden. Top qualifier was John Guerra. Following are the results of the day:

Initial Ladder after qualifiers:

  1. John Guerra
  2. Rene Reyna
  3. Jim Neuharth
  4. Dean Walther
  5. Nick Lewis
  6. Lloyd Jerauld
  7. Jim Clay
  8. Myron Garth
  9. Hank Vanderzyden
  10. Jeff McMurray
  11. Tom Hudson
  12. Jerry Hudson
  13. Dave Nelson

Individual Race Results:

Dave Nelson defeats Jerry Hudson
Jeff McMurray defeats Tom Hudson
Hank Vanderzyden defeats Myron Garth
Lloyd Jerauld defeats Jim Clay
Dean Walther defeats Nick Lewis
Rene Reyna defeats Jim Neuharth
Hank Vanderzyden defeats Dave Nelson
Dean Walther defeats Lloyd Jerauld
John Guerra defeats Rene Reyna
Hank Vanderzyden defeats Jeff McMurray
Dean Walther defeats Hank Vanderzyden
Dean Walther defeats John Guerra


  1. Congrats Dean, I’ll be coming for you next time lol

  2. Had lots of fun
    Wished my car had held up
    Congratulations Dean
    See you all Tuesday on the dirt track 👍😎

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